In this background, the company created the "BLESSTAR®" and "EVER ECOLAR®" series of eco-friendly biodegradable antibacterial and antiviral products. Main products and services: highly-effective antibacterial and antiviral finishing agent, disinfectant, chips, textile antibacterial finishing and related technical services. Widely used in medical supplies, textile and apparel, home textiles, maternal and child care, female products, personal protection and other fields.

History of Products: 

Ecolar Technology

Ecolar Technology Limited, is a scientific innovation enterprise in Hong Kong, jointly incubated by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, dedicating to protecting human health and the earth's environment, and adhering to the corporate values of integrity service, continuous innovation, win-win cooperation.

The company established BLESSTAR® & EVER ECOLAR®, and developed series of environmental bio-based healthy antibacterial and antiviral products. Main products and service: PHA antibcterial and antiviral finishing agents, sprays, socks, masks, knitted, woven and nonwoven fabrics and related technical service.

 Top R&D Team and Service Platforms:


  • Smart Wearable System Research Institute, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

  • School of Fashion and Textiles,The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University-Jinjiang Technology Innovation Institute, Fujian of China

  • Yinhu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Institute, Zhejiang University of Technology, China

Blesstar Series 


New Biodegradable Materials

Appearance: Light yellow/Transparent viscous liquid

Traits: Soluble in organic solvents or water

Toxicity: Non-toxic side effects on humans and the environment
Sustainability: Fully degradable, no pollutant residues


Life Cycle 

Products Classification

Leading supplier of green healthy materials.


Cooperative Partners

100% bio-polymers derived from renewable natural sources.

Fully biodegradable materials.

Sustainable, renewable source.

Antimicrobials and antivirus by 99.99%


Demonstration of Products: 

The projects acknowledge partial funding support from the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Limited, Innovation and Technology Commission and the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 

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【大公 報訊】巴黎 報道:香港貿發局遠赴法國舉行推介活動,除了向國際宣傳香港的商貿機會,亦有港企藉而在歐洲尋求發展商機。


2023年9月18-22,香港財政司司長陳茂在海外(巴黎及柏林)宣傳香港,他表示,香港已重新開放並與商業世界接軌,在「一國 兩制」的特色下,香港仍享有多項獨特優勢,包括法治、稅制、資本和人才自由流動等。他又說,香港正致力吸引生物科技、人工智能 與大數據等科創企業進駐香港。


由理大及科技園共同孵化的益曜科技,開發一 系列基於聚羥基烷基酸脂(PHA)的綠色安全抗菌 材料,可應用於醫療衞生領域。益曜科技首席執行官張子恆指,參與海外論壇,讓公司可展示先進技術和產品,同時學習歐洲前沿研究及轉化 科技成果制度。 張子恆認為,畢竟在科技轉化過程中,需要場地、人員及工業基礎設施配套,需要香港與粵港澳 大灣區城市,以及世界其他國家開展更多合作,同度,從而可讓先進科技更加高效的落地化



On 18-22 September 2023, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Chan Mo-po is promoting Hong Kong overseas (Paris and Berlin). He said that Hong Kong has reopened and integrated with the business world. Under "One country, Two systems", Hong Kong still enjoys many unique advantages, including the rule of law, tax system, capital and talent free flow. He also claimed that Hong Kong is working hard to attract technological innovation companies in fields such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence and big data to settle in Hong Kong.


Ecolar, jointly incubated by PolyU and Science Park, has developed a series of green and safe antibacterial materials based on polyhydroxyalkylate (PHA), which can be applied in the medical and health field. Zhang Ziheng, CEO of Ecolar, said that participating in overseas forums allows the company to showcase advanced technologies and products, while learning about Europe’s cutting-edge research and transformation systems for scientific and technological achievements. Zhang believes that after all, venues, personnel and industrial infrastructure are needed in the process of technological transformation. Hong Kong needs to carry out more cooperation with cities in the Greater Bay Area and other countries around the world. At the same time, it needs to improve and improve the scientific research transformation system, so that advanced technology can be implemented more efficiently.







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